What Is reCommerce And What Are The Basics For Growing Your eCommerce Business?

Everything new is well-forgotten old. That mantra is leading two whole generations and is rising like the latest GameStop shares. That motivation, and other really important reasons, are renewing reverse commerce and emerging it into the digital world.

Recommerce or reverse commerce is the process of repurposing, renting, or reselling previously-used items to have a more conscious impact on the environment.

Most of these items are vintage and second-hand clothes, furniture, electrical devices, etc. that are looking out for new owners who want to have a better impact on the environment by choosing a more ecological way of shopping. And in 2021 we can say that the movement succeeded, as more and more big companies are trying to meet the demand by manufacturing eco-friendly products and breaking the stigma of the fast consumer culture.

The worth of the recommerce market is expected to reach more than $50 billion by 2023 which sets a high bar for the traditional e-retail stores.

The sale and purchase of secondhand items is nothing new, having in mind that eBay moved the practice online back in 1995. Throughout the years it got lost along the way and traditional eCommerce shopping was put on point. Getting back to the thrift shopping trend is happening because for years now it’s no longer associated with products that are unwanted or with low-value.

Recommerce doesn’t have one unique business model but rather every e-retailer selects one that would be suitable for their industry. All of them are united by one thing, though, lower the carbon footprint, reduce the unnecessary consumption and waste. Recommerce or traditional eCommerce business owner, there is still a list of things that should be kept in mind:

  • Develop a solid eCommerce strategy

To do so, you must first decide what are your aims, i.e. reach 20K clients by the end of Q3, have 5 solid partners by the end of the year, etc.

This way it will be easier to narrow down what you should do and put mini-milestones to reach every month. If you’re wondering how exactly to do so, there are free resources almost anywhere. Or you can work with an experienced agency partner that will guide you through the process.

  • Provide a great customer journey and listen to your users

Most of the time our customers are giving us the solutions and answers we’re looking for. We just need to listen carefully. To convert more sales, every e-retailer and manufacturer must insist on making the customer journey great. The first step is to understand who your customer are, what are their needs, and create an emotional connection with them. Getting a clear understanding of the end-to-end experiences with shoppers and how interactions are received at each point will help you capture their feedback in real-time and take measures immediately if something needs to be changed.

Customer journey is an area that is in constant need of nurturing and care. And focusing more on it, companies will soon start to understand the positive impact on customer loyalty, revenue growth, and higher retention.

  • Require high-quality content for your product pages

Initial part of the customer journey and the success of your e-store is to provide your shoppers with high-quality visual and textual content that will give them the most important information about the product. You can also check out our article for details about why this is an important part of the customer journey.

  • Invest in digital engagement

Last but not least is the investment in digital engagement. Having all three points above is great but it wouldn’t bring any good if you don’t attract the shoppers’ attention to your e-store specifically. This can happen in multiple ways – from the well-known old advertisement to the partnership with micro and macro influencers. You can also partner with manufacturers and have mutual ratings & reviews campaigns that will benefit you in ranking higher in the Google share of search.

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