E-retailers Tips: Requiring High-Quality Content Will Bring More Sales To You

The last 12 months taught us a lot about eCommerce, and we had to learn fast, so we don’t stay behind. 

In the process, we all identified three protagonists in the story of eCommerce: the end-customer, the manufacturer, and the retailer. All three have their unique perspective, but in this article, we’ll be talking about e-retailers and why requiring high-quality content will bring more sales. 

The one aim that every store has is to bring in more customers and to convert more sales. Now the competition is even higher, but the one thing that every e-store can do to get in more purchases is to provide to the customers product pages that contain all of the needed information. Why?

E-stores aren’t that different from physical stores. Both parties want to convert in more sales

Imagine instead of an e-retailer, you’re a physical store, and every day you’re getting new requests for partnerships or new products to add to the store’s portfolio. You have multiple in-store requirements, rules, and a way of displaying products, and, of course, exclusive agreements with manufacturers. They’re all part of the sales strategy you have to bring more customers to your shop. 

Both parties know that a customer will buy a specific product if its packaging is in good condition; it is displayed at the right height; there is enough information about it, etc.

Now let’s get back to the digital world. The competitors are not that much for now but creating a community around the services or products that you’re offering is a lot harder. Customers in the eCommerce are a lot pickier and demanding than in the physical stores. They know that there would always be someone who will help them have a better customer journey. That’s why you should straighten up how you’d like the products to be displayed and what content you should require from manufacturers. It’s not an easy process, but you can figure it out step by step and try out different approaches. It’s not that different from the strategy a physical store is having.

One thing is constant, though. If you’re showing a product with only one picture, no description, and no related products, you’re not making the customer journey more straightforward, but rather unpleasant.

The client wants to have all the needed information one click away.

Making them search for the product information and pictures somewhere else will only make them choose another online store to buy from. One that’s thinking about their customers’ journey. 

Requiring manufacturers to provide you with the basic content for a product page will help you give the customer what they’re in need to decide whether he should become a client of this e-store or not. 

The essential content we’re talking about includes high-quality images with 3D visualizations, an explanation of how the product is utilized, and synthesized product information in the description section. You can also check out our article about the basic eCommerce content here.

Having high-quality product information will keep the customer scrolling through product pages and adding more items to their cart. Thus you will scratch another possible reason why you have a high bounce rate or cart abandonment. 

If you’re in wonder whether you’re providing the right content we can help you out find the answer by assembling a benchmarking report and compare to the best practices from other e-retailers.

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