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Why Is eCommerce Essential In 2020?

56% of in-store sales involved a digital device-and this will only continue to grow.

A high number of major retailers, across a spectrum of categories, are experiencing 60-70% digital influence of physical stores sales.

While e-commerce now accounts for (depending on the source) some 10% of all retail sales, webinfluenced physical store sales are about 5X online sales.

Sources: Deloitte Insights | Forrester

Whether you are a brand or retailer who aims to boost conversion rates, enhance customer engagement, or instantly scale product content creation, we deliver top quality solutions, including:


eCommerce Mobile Hero Image design, 360 Imagery and Videos


E-commerce Copywriting and Keyword Optimization


Content Distribution (PIM Integration)


Content Analytics, Insight Reporting, App Scraping


Strategic eCommerce content guidelines

Mobile Ready Hero Images

Created solely for eCommerce platforms and quite different from the original pack-shot,
the mobile ready hero images:

• Help shoppers to find what they look for quicker and easier
• Boost conversion on mobile devices
• Improve the visual appeal of conventional product pack-shots
• Strengthen the consistency of presentation

Do you know that hero images take up 70% of a shopper’s attention?

(Source: Clavis & Euromonitor)

Secondary Images

These are additional images that deliver further nformation and feature out-of-package
display, product Secondary images:

• serve product pages in converting at a higher rate and outrank the main competitor
53% of the time
• keep online shoppers at the top of the page – about 90% of them don’t go below the

Do you know that about 73% of consumers globally say they need three or more images when shopping online?

(Source: Salsify)

Comparison Tables

These images deliver ιnformation about other relevant products in the product line, product Secondary images:

• serve product pages by promoting more products from the same brand, showing
their key benefits and other important info with which customers can make a more
informed decision when shopping online
• give online shoppers all this information at the top of the page

Do you know that about 73% of consumers globally say they need three or more images when shopping online?

(Source: Salsify)

3D Modeling Commerce

3D product modelling (rendering) is the creation of a photorealistic digital prototype of a product that can be altered or reused in the future as new
models of the product come out.

• Helps you create an innovation-powered, interactive eCommerce store
where users can see and feel your product which positively affects your
conversion rates.
• Improves the visual communication for the conceptualized product design

95% prefer interactive 3D over video playback in a merchant survey conducted by SAP.

(Source: 2019 USA Ecommerce Report)


The banner takes up various branded spaces delivered on different pages to interrupt buyers and provide key product features or
news about it. Further, banners:

• Raise awareness about less-popular products
• Lift brand favourability by 25% and naturally boost purchase intent

Do you know that online shoppers are 70% more likely to make a purchase when retargeting with banner ads?

(Source: Web Ascender)


We craft high-quality videos that bring product attributes to life in
less than half a minute that:

• present the product attributes in the most digestible way
• bring the much-needed inspiration during the shopper journey

Do you know that video uplifts sales by +55%?

(Source: Profitero)

E-commerce Copywriting and Keyword Optimization

• Headlines
• Category pages
• Product descriptions
• Promo offers
• Landing pages

… these are all places where
superb writing skills can help
bring in more sales.

We aim to clearly explain the
benefits of your products or
services while also helping
your online store rank
better on search engines. We
create clear, strong, and
persuasive, while promoting
the voice of your brand, and
understanding the psychology
of what makes customers

We create search-engineoptimized
(SEO) ecommerce
copy by custom
analysis methodology that
helps us find the most
commonly used customer
search terms across eretailers.

Content Distribution Services

Basic Content and Rich Content
Distribution from any PIM
system to any retailer

Including content upload
Ensuring content is live / Raising and Resolving tickets with retailers

PIM / DAM Implementation

Product Information Management (PIM) platform (SaaS) that includes everything you need to create, manage and deliver rich product page content to e-retailers, online marketplaces and e-commerce sites.

Strategic eCommerce Content Guidelines

We are excellent at developing strategical eCommerce content guidelines to help newcomers or inexperienced players who just enter the eRetail world.
Within these guidelines, we cover all elements that influence their visibility and assist them in understanding where to focus on at the beginning of the eCommerce journey, as well as share brand strategies.

Content Analytics Services

Keyword Research

with our Keyword

Content Portfolio

AI based image
tracking capability

App Dashboard

Scrapes and Analyses
Digital Shelf

Review Analysis

Negative review
reporting &

Content Analytics Services

Do you want to monitor your Brand Performance and content on Mobile Apps?

App Dashboard tracks Mobile Apps as
standard, making us different from other
web scraping and digital shelf
management tools in the market:

The App Dashboard Features includes:

Price List (Images)

(monthly basis)
Mobile ready
hero images
(per product)
(per product)
(per product)
(10 sec video)
Full-time: 5000 EUR150 EUR (1-50)120 EUR (1-100)600 EUR (1-20)800 EUR (1-10)150 EUR (1-100)Project basis
Daily rate (8h): 300
100 EUR (50-300)100 EUR (100-1000)500 EUR (20-100)700 EUR (10—20)120 EUR (100-
Hourly basis: 45
80 EUR (300-1000)0.3 EUR (1000 – 5000)400 EUR (100-500)650 EUR (20-50)100 EUR (1000-
50 EUR (1000 – 10000)0.25 EUR (1 000 –
300 EUR (500-1000) 550 EUR (20+)80 EUR (10000-
Customer offer for
10000+ products
Additional Services:
• Mobile Clarity Test
• Heatmap Test

Price List (Copywriting)

Per Copywriter
(monthly basis)
(per product)
A+ (per product)
Full-time: TBD EUR150 EUR (1-50)800 EUR (1-10)
Part-time: TBD EUR100 EUR (50-300)600 EUR (10-50)
Hourly basis: TBD EUR80 EUR (300-1000)400 EUR (50-100
50 EUR (1000 – 10000)

Price List (Analysis)

Keyword Optimiser
App Dashboard /
Ad-Hoc App Scraping
Reporting and
Insight Manager
Review Analysis /
Enterprise Monthly Subscription
1500 EUR Ad-hoc per Category per App
Reporting TBD EUR Based on
Enterprise Annual Subscription TBD
EUR based on number of brands
App Dashboard Weekly Refresh 5,000
per App Annually
Full time Insight Manager resource
3500 EUR per month
App Dashboard Monthly Refresh 3,00 per
App Annually

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