How To Create Engaging Product Pages With The Right Content

Product Pages are the key to the customer’s heart.  

A Product Detailed Page (PDP) represents your product to the customer in a way that they will be seeing it in a physical store. And that’s the one main point every seller and e-Retail should understand. People want to see and understand the most about a product online the same way they do offline.   

Content Types 

A great product page can convert in more sales and make your marketing efforts effective. But the product page position won’t make your product sellable or easily found rather the content that you put in it. To make it easier for you, we’ll explain in simple words what is the difference between the two types of content: Basic & Rich content. 

Using either of these two types of content, you are making sure that your customer will get the best impression of a product. Check out our article for Basic Content here and let’s get a look at the Rich Content.   

Explained in the simplest way possible, Rich Content means additional content showing product benefits & features. It could be either static or interactive — depending on what you want to achieve as results & customer experience. In this section, you can add more visualizations, copy, & cross-selling modules to introduce which products will best match the one on this PDP. One of the other names of Rich content is Enhanced Content or A+ content mostly known among Amazon sellers as Amazon itself is using them to describe rich content.   

If you’re wondering what other images or copy you could produce for additional features and benefits, you can take a look at the reviews section for repeating questions and provide the shoppers with answers to their questions in an engaging visual way before they even voiced them. Listening to customers will never get out of practice and is one of the proven ways to grow retention. Acquiring new customers is way too expensive than keeping existing ones. The listening will help you keep your customers happy and convert them into brand ambassadors who want to share their experience and spread the word about your newest products or inventions.   

Best-In-Class Examples 

We live in a digital era that everybody could be learning something new every day by just creating a competitor analysis showing how content differentiates and what we could improve. New trends are set so frequently that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. But the one that will stay forever will be creating good content. Every e-Retailer has their own store requirements and functions but the leader among them is Amazon. Being in the game since the 90s, that’s the e-Retailer from whom all can look-up to as website structure, PDP, optimization, taxonomy, etc. All the big companies want to be among the best brands on Amazon and have better share of the Share of Search(SoS) results. Amazon has created special programs, platforms and trainings aimed at sellers to provide them with the needed knowledge to convert in more sales.   

There are other players that are taking into consideration Amazon’s winning product page structure and try to implement it on their platforms like: eMag, Tesco, Ocado, etc. When it comes to FCMG manufacturers & sellers, there are the e-Commerce leaders on the market among which are P&G, Essity, Kimberly-Clark, etc. holding the first places when it comes to the customer journey and creating great content explaining products.   

Let’s take a look at some Best-In-Class PDPs.

Apple & their Amazon iPhone PDP is one of the great examples of how good content is winning the shopper. They’ve tailored their content so precisely that it’s not just giving more information about the certain product but explaining Apple features, innovations, products and in general why Apple is always a good choice. Yes, they’re selling a specific phone but they aim to engage and educate the shoppers about Apple’s brand uniqueness.  


When it comes to FCMG products, people mostly associate them with key product benefits(keywords) rather than brand names. And this is why keywords play such a significant role when it comes to search engine results. This doesn’t mean, though, that visual content is not essential. Like we mentioned earlier, the visualizations help shoppers with significant product features associate a specific product with its relevance in the physical store. One of the best examples of enhanced interactive content is a product page of the Huggies brand.


What they’ve done? They gathered in interactive section all of the important information when it comes to product benefits and features. Most of the times this information is divided into separated modules and the shopper needs to scroll down. But in this case, the customer sees product information on pop-up tabs, the changing banners are providing more insights and this way the product page has more visually appealing look.  

How to understand content performance 

You can play by the book as much as you want to. The importance won’t be whether you’re strictly following any rules and trying to be like the best but rather understand how your content is performing. There is a simple yet effective technique regarding A+ content that most of the experienced sellers are sharing and can be used to any other e-Retailer.   

First and foremost, check out frequently your conversion rate. It will indicate if the content you just uploaded is tailored to your preferable audience. The sellers report that shortly after their enhanced content comes live they see a decrease in the conversion rate and re-adjust the newly added content however much is needed until the metric starts to show positive results.   

Checking out data and metrics regularly will help you measure key indicators and understand consumer behaviour over time. At a later point this information will help you tailor even better you content and strategy and achieve better results when it comes to sales in less time.  

Are you wondering whether you created a good product page? Drop us a line to book your consultation with us and find out what part of your content needs to be optimized.  


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