Content analytics

NW360CS fixes eCommerce problems through niche analysis, following the mantra “Data – Insight – Action”. Gathering the right data, processing it and taking from it the most crucial insight can not only improve your sales but make the customer journey better.

Analyzing the online customer behavior, rating & reviews, and product pages content is part of the steps we take to develop a successful eCommerce content strategy. Our solutions include tools developed upon feedback received from top FCMG companies and retailers, both in need of unique tools showing essential data information.

Keyword Finder

A built-from-the-ground-up methodology that captures relevant and high-frequency keywords and phrases

Content Portfolio

Reporting AI-based image tracking capability that is periodically checking of the visual content of eRetailers

App Dashboard

Provides top-notch monitoring of brand performance and content on mobile apps as standard

Review Analysis

Comes up with comprehensive negative review reporting and notifications