Content management & distribution

Content management & distribution Data Distribution and Management are not simple copy-paste processes but take a whole team to understand what type of content is produced and where it should be distributed. We believe that distribution and management are closely related to content creation following the needed eRetailers requirements. NW360CS successfully engages in both Product […]

Content analytics

Content analytics NW360CS fixes eCommerce problems through niche analysis, following the mantra “Data – Insight – Action”. Gathering the right data, processing it and taking from it the most crucial insight can not only improve your sales but make the customer journey better. Analyzing the online customer behavior, rating & reviews, and product pages content […]

Content Strategy

Content Strategy At NW360CS, we aim to help businesses develop a clear strategical eCommerce content strategy using different views. We consider the manufacturer’s goals and eRetailers requirements and create the perfect content strategy that will convert in more sales. With a couple of years behind our back, we had the chance to work closely with […]

E-commerce Copywriting & Keyword Optimization

E-commerce Copywriting & Keyword Optimization The right eCommerce content will bring new people to your audience and convert more sales. Our team of skillful experts can help you create on-point product descriptions considering not only every eRetailer’s requirements but also optimized keywords specially researched for Retailer Search algorithms.We will end your struggle to incorporate relevant […]


Video What does video in eCommerce mean? To craft a high-quality video that brings product attributes to life in less than half a minute. 1. They present the product attributes in the most digestible way 2. They uplift sales by over 50%, according to 3. They bring the much-needed inspiration during the shopper journey


Banners& Enhanced Content What does banner mean? It’s a paid-for promoted content that can be targeted at a specific group of shoppers. The banner takes up various branded spaces delivered on different pages to interrupt buyers and provide key product features or news about it. Why do we need banners? 1. Get a higher response […]

Secondary Images

Secondaryimages What does secondary image mean? These are additional carousel images that deliver further information and feature out-of-package display, product usage, lifestyle imagery, and scale and proportion, among others. Why do we need secondary images? 1. Significantly boost sales with an average of +24% (Source: Unilever 2019) 2. Serve product pages in converting at a […]

Mobile Ready Hero Images

Mobile readyHero Images What does Mobile Hero Ready Image mean? It’s a top-quality, digital representation of an actual product that usually differs from the original pack-shot. Created particularly for eCommerce platforms, the hero images are making it faster, simpler, and easier to recognise and verify brand, format, variant and size, especially on small screens. Why […]