Keywords And How People Relate Them To Products

The irreplaceable tool that when used the right way will take you miles ahead of your competitor.    Keywords. A whole new universe to think about and explore. One in which you’re letting the customer think that they are creating the directions and you are thinking about all the creative ways to use them in order […]

How To Create Engaging Product Pages With The Right Content

Product Pages are the key to the customer’s heart.   A Product Detailed Page (PDP) represents your product to the customer in a way that they will be seeing it in a physical store. And that’s the one main point every seller and e-Retail should understand. People want to see and understand the most about a […]

eCommerce Dictionary Pt. 2

  The second part of the eCommerce glossary that every e-retailer should know is here! And you’re very welcome! Inventory – refers to your business’s stock, or simply put, your products’ availability in a specific retailer. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) – this is a quantifiable measure of the success or failure when compared to specific goals the […]

Share of Search Explained

The new metric every eCommerce enthusiast & marketer is looking at. And to be quite frank, one of the features you should pay extreme attention and effort to.    It might sound complex but it’s not once you know what Share of Search is and how exactly to use it for the right purposes. This is […]

What Is reCommerce And What Are The Basics For Growing Your eCommerce Business?

Everything new is well-forgotten old. That mantra is leading two whole generations and is rising like the latest GameStop shares. That motivation, and other really important reasons, are renewing reverse commerce and emerging it into the digital world. Recommerce or reverse commerce is the process of repurposing, renting, or reselling previously-used items to have a […]

E-retailers Tips: Requiring High-Quality Content Will Bring More Sales To You

The last 12 months taught us a lot about eCommerce, and we had to learn fast, so we don’t stay behind.  In the process, we all identified three protagonists in the story of eCommerce: the end-customer, the manufacturer, and the retailer. All three have their unique perspective, but in this article, we’ll be talking about […]

eCommerce Dictionary Pt. 1

Dictionaries are made so they can simplify your life. That’s why we decided to gather in one place all of the important terms in eCommerce. Did we miss something? Don’t be shy and ping us. The beer is from us. A/B Testing is a way to compare two versions of something to figure out which […]

Why These eCommerce Podcasts Are What We Should All Listen to Right Now?

Podcasts are a big deal right now, you’ll agree. They are like blogs (but even better) – fun, educative, accessible, portable and easy to consume, as well as a super time-saving form of communication.  If you think, there’s presumably a podcast out there about any subject that comes to your mind. According to Paid Insights, […]

COVID-19 Survival Guide for eRetailers

The COVID-19 pandemic created a crisis around the world, and of course did not pass on impacting the retailer business. It is estimated that in 2020, around 20 000 retail stores will close permanently caused by the virus. People are concerned about their health, and their financial stability, therefore they go out less for shopping.  […]

What Does Basic Content Mean in eCommerce

eCommerce Content is a bottomless sea without a doubt. Our experts will help you dive into the topic one spoon at a time. In the following article, we’ll dissect the so-called basic content. What is it, what are mobile ready hero images, secondary images, product titles, highlights and product descriptions, why are they super important, and […]