Why These eCommerce Podcasts Are What We Should All Listen to Right Now?

Podcasts are a big deal right now, you’ll agree. They are like blogs (but even better) – fun, educative, accessible, portable and easy to consume, as well as a super time-saving form of communication. 

If you think, there’s presumably a podcast out there about any subject that comes to your mind. According to Paid Insights, there are an estimated 750 000 podcasts worldwide in 2020.

In the following article, we focus on the eCommerce and share the coolest podcasts within the industry that we should all listen to. Read on.

Ecommerce Conversations from Practical Ecommerce

WHEN: Weekly

HOST(S): Eric Bandholz (Founder and CEO of Beardbrand)

This weekly podcast is the first must-listen we’d love to point out. It’s based on inspirational talks between Eric, the host, and successful entrepreneurs and executives on the actualities of online selling.

Check it out here


WHEN: Weekly

HOST(S): Jay Myers (Co-founder of Bold Commerce)

Each series of this podcast, hosted by Jay Myers, shares the success story of merchants and eCommerce entrepreneurs on how they run their e-stores.

Check it out here.

Mixergy Podcast

WHEN: Every third day

HOST(S): Andrew Warner (eCommerce entrepreneur)

If you’re a fan of the challenging questions, give a chance to Mixergy. The podcast owns over 1000 interviews with thriving entrepreneurs and some of the most influential names within the eCommerce industry.

Check it out here

Ecommerce Minute

WHEN: Weekly

HOST(S): John Suder, Bart Mroz, and Brittany Blackman

We can’t skip “Ecommerce Minute” – a production of SUMO Heavy, a US-based eCommerce consulting firm. Each podcast series brings a well-chosen bunch of eCommerce, tech and retail news.

Check it out here

Nerd Marketing Ecommerce Podcast

WHEN: Not specified

HOST(S): Drew Sanocki

Here’s another must-listen where the industry superstar – Drew Sanocki – shares easy to consume, actionable insights and data-driven strategies to grow your eCommerce business.

Check it out here

Last words

eCommerce podcasts are an excellent resource for e-retailers who are looking to grow their online business. We hope to tune into some of these themed podcasts regularly, will help you get more things done with less effort.


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